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Benefit from a new kind of cloud application development and hosting company. We offer "true cloud" infrastructure that combines Amazon AWS's leading cloud technology (IaaS) with our extensive web application engineering expertise (PaaS). And to round out our white glove package, we deliver unparalleled technical support from experienced IaaS/PaaS engineers to ensure your online stability and success.

Planning & Hosting

Mapping applications to the cloud vision will determine how much value the business can draw from the migration. As you migrate and extend services to the cloud, you need a map that tracks components and dependencies.

Migrating Applications

Legacy web applications need to be prepared for cloud architecture. Packaging web apps for migration often involves refactoring code by skilled software engineers who understand the interactions within a cloud environment.

Migrating Data & Databases

You need to determine how much raw storage will be required to host and backup your primary data. You need to build the appropriate virtual workspace in advance and plan for cloud storage and hosting budgets.

Security & Compliance

Major cloud service providers are required to meet the highest security standards. Authentication, authorization, logging, and auditing are built in to all cloud platforms, but you must still implement proper security policies for your architecture.

Stay focused on what you do best with Webapper's fully-managed cloud hosting service. Experience the difference years of experience and technical expertise makes. We'll help you perform the essential tasks to maximize the value of your IT investment.

Easily move your business to the cloud with our migration services. We'll work closely with your IT team to migrate applications, workflows and infrastructure to the cloud. We test and verify that your migration is successful.

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Webapper Cloud Application Engineers

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AWS Certifications

We have several Amazon AWS credentials, including AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) engineers. Our certifications attest to our knowledge of building and deploying systems in the AWS cloud. We have extensive knowledge of architectural best practices based on our experience deploying, configuring, and managing network, storage, security and database services in AWS.

Application Migration

We specialize in software application migration, including web applications and mobile apps, to the cloud. You've probably invested extensively in your applications to run day to day operations. We'll help you refactor or reconstruct the applications as needed to leverage your investment and optimize your cloud infrastructure to suit them.

Security & Scalability

A key advantage of the AWS Cloud is that it allows you to scale and innovate while maintaining a secure environment. This means that you can have the security you need at lower costs. We'll help you define, implement, monitor and manage your requirements for all major security areas.


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